Dane Cruises to the Victory

05/25/2021, Author: William Calhoun

Great Lakes Sim Racing continued their tour at Atlanta this past Wednesday and finished up with a new winner and driver competing for Rookie of the Year.

Dane Kruse secured the win, starting on pole, leading most laps with 38, and placing the fastest lap during the race at 31.442. With all of this, he scored a healthy amount of bonus points.

Dane, how do you feel about your performance at Atlanta?

“I’m pretty happy with my performance at Atlanta - again, didn’t expect this good of a start to the season. I think Atlanta was really just a sight of what’s to come from not only myself, but Peak Performance Motorsports. (we finished 1-2-4-6)”

What did you do to prepare for the race?

“I prepared by doing 2 fuel runs, and then I practiced some Qualifying laps before the race, and that’s honestly pretty much it.”

With a second place finish at Dega and the win at Atlanta, you have a lot of momentum going for you. How are you going to maintain this momentum?

“Well if there’s a track that’s gonna break my momentum, it’s definitely USA. A track I likely haven’t driven on since my rookie days. But hey, since it’s a short track, just keeping your nose clean usually works just fine.”


Not everyone escaped Atlanta so cleanly. GLSR had it’s fair share of wrecks throughout the evening taking out some fast drivers such as Laxton and Bondurant.

Laxton declined to comment when we reached out.

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Many drivers have started to prepare for USA.


Here are Robert Johnson's thoughts about the first short track of the season.

“My thoughts towards the first short track race of the year are not positive unfortunately. Often in my experience the racing in the mid to back of the field at short tracks is very different from that of the front and can be very chaotic, much in the same way SS race is.”

Do you think drivers will be more careful racing at USA knowing that Bristol is the very next week and revenge is closer than it appears in their mirror? Or is it just short track racing and tempers will fly no matter what?

“I do not think that two short track races back to back will drastically change any driver's decision making. Those whose driving style typically relies on aggression will have a slight advantage if they can do so without wrecking themselves and others.”

Short tracks typically bring out the hot heads and fiery personalities on track. You’re sure to find more than a few parties in the boxing ring post race.

What is your mindset during short track racing? Are you the move or be moved kind of driver or are you like Martin Truex Jr in 2018, making the clean pass on Joey Logano?

Allen Best shared his thoughts.

“I'm making clean passes all race. I respect almost everyone in this league a lot and I want to be seen as a good racer not just someone who moves people when I can't pass them. But last lap and someone that isn't my teammate is right in front of me, they're getting a little nudge. Whether it moves them up or they corral it and keep it in front of me, that's on their drive ability.”

When it does come down to making a last lap move for the win Barnes, will not let us down.

It’s the last lap and you’re right on the tail of the leader. Who is leading and are you moving them to get the win?

Barnes said, “Who is leading? Laxton probably. And with the dreadfully start to my year I'd need to move him, the 22 needs every point we can scrap together if we are getting into the playoffs”

Good luck to all competitors at USA. Tune in Wednesday, May 26th at 9pm est at CaptainTV iRacing on YouTube. The Great Lakes Sim Racing Black Horizon Brewing Company Truck Series will test the racers tempers at USA Speedway.

A haiku:

Atlanta hot slide Cruising to victory lane Dane, the next big thang

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