Season Four Kicking Off… Now!

05/12/2021, Author: William Calhoun

William Calhouns #99 Sith Talk Bully Racing Truck prepares for the new season

As the silly season comes to a close, teams and drivers are eagerly anticipating the first race of the season. GLSR will kick off season four at the fast and furious Talladega on Wednesday, May 12th. You can tune in to watch your favorite driver at CaptainTV iRacing on YouTube at 9pm est. This silly season saw a lot of changes to teams as well as a record number of teams register to compete for the team championship. Nine teams will compete week after week to be crowned champion and claim their prize money and bragging rights. This almost doubles the amount of teams competing last season.

One of the new teams that will be challenging for the championship is Peak Performance Motorsports led by Noah Mauri. His team is composed of well rounded drivers with experience and skill. PPM is made up by Noah Mauri in the #8, GLSR rookie, Caden Atkings in the #2, season 2 champion, Zach Ahmann in the #18, and GLSR rookie, Dane Kruse in the #46. Noah and Zach have both proven their speed on track in GLSR leaving Caden and Dane to prove themselves on track.
Caden Atkings is confident in his team, “I expect us to be up front and contending for wins every single week. We have a fast group of guys and I think we will show everyone very quickly that we're a fighting force.”

Every team is aware of the added competition this season and are preparing for it. Chris Evans, #98, who has recently acquired ACED racing, is excited to rebuild the team. This season ACED has 3 new drivers although they are not GLSR rookies. Evans said, “The goal for this team is to get a top 5 in the team points but anything will do as we are in a "rebuild" if you want to call it that and the best thing I can say about reaching that goal is to keep clean as possible and try to be there at the end of each race.”

Chris Dean #48 of Down Under Racing said, “I feel like the competition is at an all time high. Even though we lost 2 guys that dominated this series we have new incoming talent and team arrangements that make competition fierce. I mean expectations for my team is what it's always going to be. I want to compete for the ship. I think if everyone performs we have a good shot.” Ben Pierce, #65 of Millennium Enterprises explains his team's approach, “Our team's expectations aren't much different than last year: race as clean and as fast as we can. Sure, we lost our fastest driver, but a team is more than its fastest driver. As the reigning team champions, we know how to get the job done. If all goes well, we see no reason why we won't have several playoff drivers at the end of the season, and hopefully some wins to show for it.” Along with all of the changes in teams, there has been a major change in the rulebook. Drivers will be limited to three additional tire sets from the four they had in seasons one through three. Allen Best, driver of the #52 in Best Racing said, this tire limit will “introduce more unknowns into races which will make them more interesting to watch…” Best added that he is, “cautiously optimistic. I fully expect to catch some tough breaks but just hoping to have the same amount or more of lucky breaks.”

Sam Barnes, driver of the #22 in Down Under Racing had this to add, “I think this really will be what defines this season. Before at most tracks you could pretty much go all out and take tires every time. Only at Chicagoland for the finale did we see strategy come into play, now that's going to be every week… I’m excited to see how different teams will tackle this new challenge!” The league owner, Travis Iacovacci, explained the reasoning behind the tire limit change, “The reason we decided to put up a vote to drop the tire set limit was because we (league officials) didn't really feel that the tire set limit rule was working as intended with a max of 4 tires. You basically took tires every time you grabbed fuel, with little to no strategy involved and tire saving was pretty much an afterthought at most tracks. We are hoping that this change to fewer tire sets will allow drivers to showcase their ability to really drive as almost every race will now require at least one double-stint on tires. This should hopefully also be a fun change for drivers on the same team to practice and strategize as to what is going to be the best pit strategy for the upcoming race.”

You can tune in to watch drivers square off every week on Wednesdays at 9pm est. Tune in to CaptainTV iRacing on YouTube to watch your favorite driver tackle the new season. GLSR kicks off season four Wednesday, May 12th. Follow the link: Here!

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