Third Times a Charm

8/28/2020, Author: Dave Nestor

JD Greene Burning Some Rubber After Recent Victory @ Daytona!

On a late August night in steamy Daytona the trucks roared to life with only two things on the agenda, do not get caught up in the big one and WINNING. The pole winner Chip Parks in the number 30, Red Buffalo Brewing Co. sponsored Chevy brought the field to the green. From there all but three trucks would lead at some time during the night. The race had 4 cautions for 12 laps including a bump draft gone bad from Kyle Carroll in the i-Racing sponsored number 8, to the number 77, JD Greene Ford. Greene did not hit anything so new tires and gas was all he needed. By the time this race was over no fan would leave unhappy about the action, they all got what they paid for.

In what some would call a mediocre start to the season, JD Greene piloted his number 77, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ford to his third lap led. What’s so important about leading only 3 laps in a season, you ask? Well, that third lap was the one lap that all racers want to lead, the last one. You could not write a more exciting ending to the race. Greene was in forth place with one to go and getting a good run in the draft, entering turn three Zach Ahmann in the Interstate Batteries number 18 tried to block Greene’s run but was just too late. With Greene riding the yellow lines and no place to go, and not going to lift on the last lap, there was contact that sent Ahmann up the track collecting the 16 Wild Cherry Pepsi Chevy of Dylan Glass and the Winchester number 3 of Nate Lynch. From there on it was just watch the mirrors to keep the 48 Cory Harts Media Chevy of Christopher Dean from drafting by him.

“He (Ahmann) tried to slam the door on me but it was too late and there was no way I was going to lift with the finish line so close” said Greene in a post-race interview. “We really needed this win to get our season on the right track. The guys at the shop work so hard to put us out here every week so this is for them.”

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